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Music Ministry

Wanted:  Choir members!

Let your voice be heard!
Come make music!


Choir practice Sunday 10 AM before Worship... Hebron Choir is open to anyone who likes to make music. No Auditions!

Opportunities To Serve


Chancel Choir Meets on Sunday mornings before Worship from 10:00-10:45 PM in the choir room. The choir leads congregational singing and provides special music during worship services from September to May and for special services.  The choir is open to anyone who is middle school age or above.  Reading music is great, but not necessary. We train!


Handbell Choir ~ Hebron has a  three-octave set of Schulmerich handbells. Currently, they are not being used due to lack of people. 


Children’s Choir ~ Plans for a children’s choir will be made if we have children who are interested.

The Taylor & Boody Pipe-Organ


The organ of Hebron Presbyterian was designed and built specifically for Hebron Church by the distinguished firm of Taylor & Boody Organ-builders. The Taylor & Boody workshop is conveniently located within sight of the church in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley near Staunton, Virginia. The instrument accompanies our musical praise and truly complements the beauty of the sanctuary, which was built in 1901 and is designed like a wooden cathedral, with high wooden columns braced with carved beams.


The organ itself took about eight months to build and was installed March-April, 2006. Very careful consideration was undertaken by both the Hebron Church Organ Committee and Taylor & Boody to ensure that this instrument would be one which could serve not only as an agile and versatile one for accompanying congregation and choir singing, soloists, and instrumentalists, but also solo organ repertoire.

The instrument has fourteen speaking stops spread over two manuals and pedal. It also contains one stop which has only been prepared for in the case (the 16’ Posaune in the pedal division). The 8’ Octave in the pedal was originally a preparation but was added in 2008. The organ has suspended-mechanical key and stop action and is of Lehman-Bach temperament.

Specification of the organ:

GREAT: 8’ Principal, 8’ Rohrflöte, 4’ Octave, 2’ Superoctave, III-IV Mixture
CHOIR: 8’ Gedackt (wood), 8’ Viol da Gambe, 4’ Blockflöte (open wood), 2-2/3’ Nasat, 2’ Octave, III Cornet (c’ - c’’’), 8’ Trompet
PEDAL: 16’ Subbass, 8’ Octave, (16’ Posaune)
COUPLERS: Choir to Great, Great to Pedal, Choir to Pedal
Tremulant to entire organ

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